Organisation of teaching

The University of Warwick operates on a term basis and the MEST programme courses (also called ’modules’) are offered in term two ( . The term is ten weeks long (though usually the first week can be dedicated to exams for the local students). Classes are usually three hours long or two hours class + one hour seminar per week.

Classes are often interactive in nature and involve discussions, sometimes in small groups and presentations. Seminars usually involve in depth analysis of allocated readings and group presentations.

Perspectives professionnelles

Cette formation prépare les futurs diplômés à assumer des responsabilités dans les sphères d’activités suivantes

  • gestion des ressources humaines au sein d’entreprises à caractère transnational européen ou de leurs filiales locales ;
  • administrations publiques et parapubliques, initiateurs et gestionnaires de politiques
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