International and comparative labour law


The Course is aimed at providing students with an expertise in the correct use of the comparative method in the employment and labour law field. In fact, as authoritatively stated, the comparative method is not strictly a "topic", but rather a method : therefore, the Course does not intend to overview the most significant laws, statutes and practises in the work environment ; on the contrary, the intriguing challange of the course is to inquire on the social, historical, environmental grounds that might explain the single country specificities in the work regulation and, thereafter, to critically discuss the potential cross-country transplantition of the legal solutions in the relevant field.

Accordingly, the students are supposed to give evidence, not only of their knowledge of the legal institutions that we will be analyzed during the whole Course, but also their ability to correctly apply the comparative method in the effort to underline the convergences and the divergences (and their possible explanations) in the different legal solutions enacted at national level.

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