Extracurricular activities

The International Office provides services for international students. The orientation programs are an opportunity many incoming students take advantage of. Before the beginning of the lecture time the International Office organizes an orientation program (3.5 weeks) or a short one-week-orientation seminar. These two programs provide network opportunities and room for plenty of questions. For detailed information, please refer to the website of the International Office.
Moreover, Trier University has many student clubs, such as “IZ – Internationales Zentrum”, “Refugee Law Clinic” or “Trier Model United Nations (TriMUN)”. Particularly the international association “IZ - Internationales Zentrum e.V” (in English : International Center), offers events for international students. They regularly feature country evenings with food and some informal talks. Occasionally the IZ offers field trips, for example to Munich. For detailed information, please refer to the website of the International Center.
International students can, of course, participate in all regular student activities and make use of all regular leisure facilities of Trier University. One excellent example are sport classes offered by the institute “Hochschulsport”. Starting from 10€ per semester students can take as many sport classes as they would like (for example soccer, Aerobic, Volleyball).

Perspectives professionnelles

Cette formation prépare les futurs diplômés à assumer des responsabilités dans les sphères d’activités suivantes

  • gestion des ressources humaines au sein d’entreprises à caractère transnational européen ou de leurs filiales locales ;
  • administrations publiques et parapubliques, initiateurs et gestionnaires de politiques
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