Presentation ISCTE-IUL

  • ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon University Institute) is a public foundation of higher education with approximately 6000 students, 400 teachers, and 200 employees. Founded in 1972, ISCTE is justly recognized for its lasting contributions to Portuguese higher education and reseach.


  • These contributions are the result of a clearly defined set of priorities both in education and in research : innovation, quality, and diversity.


  •  ISCTE currently offers 16 bachelor programs in the areas of management, social sciences, computer science and technology and architecture as well as a large number of post-graduate, master, and doctoral programs. Programs for the 2006/2007 academic year are already structured in accordance with the Bologna Declaration.

Perspectives professionnelles

Cette formation prépare les futurs diplômés à assumer des responsabilités dans les sphères d’activités suivantes

  • gestion des ressources humaines au sein d’entreprises à caractère transnational européen ou de leurs filiales locales ;
  • administrations publiques et parapubliques, initiateurs et gestionnaires de politiques
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