Master of Science (Corso di laurea magistrale)

Management of Human Resources and Labour Studies


The MSc Management of Human Resources and Labour Studies (MLS) programme is an innovative and highly challenging two-year course of study that provides a highly multidisciplinary foundation on human resources and labour studies, maintaining a strong business and management orientation.

The programme offers students a vast array of topics with a pluralistic perspective, a strong international and comparative orientation and an integrated framework between business and management decisions and labour market institutions and dynamics, in the firm belief that managers need to recognize institutional and political dynamics, and regulators need to acknowledge business needs and frameworks.

The programme has been designed to allow students to be part of a lively learning community, with ease of access to professors, instructors and practitioners, through a network of business organizations, Human resources professionals and labour regulators involved in the design and delivery of courses. Collaboration with partner organizations will allow students, among many other opportunities, to be exposed to actual tools and processes, to participate in learning activities at company sites and to take advantage of internships programs.

The programme offers a unique opportunity to study human resource management and labour studies in Southern Europe, being exposed to a different culture and language while attending classes in English. In a global world of business the richness of this experience represents a clear competitive advantage (as illustrated by the program coordinator on HR People & Strategy : http://tinyurl.com/mls2014).

Key features

· A two-year degree designed to allow a complete and pragmatic competence across different domains of human resource management and labour studies

· Multidisciplinary training, with a strong integration between topics, and with a dedicated, young and emerging world-leading faculty with extensive business experience

· Problem-focused and problem-based, learning by doing approach in teaching

· Compulsory core courses focus on Data analysis and statistics, Comparative and European Labour Law, Advanced Labour economics, Economic and social regulation of labour, Human resources management, Labour market, education and training

· A strong quantitative and methodological background, and a unique orientation to HR metrics

· Selected students will have the opportunity to spend a semester at one of the 12 first-class European Universities of the Network in Labour Studies www.mest-emls.eu (LSE London, ISCTE Lisboa, UAB Barcelona, Universitat Bremen, UCD Dublin, UCL Louvain, Universiza v Ljubilani, UNIFI Firenze, Universitat Trier, University of Warwick, Université Toulouse 1, UvA Amsterdam)in order to get the European Master in Labour Studies (EMLS-MEST)

Learning focus

· Emphasis on multidisciplinarity and connected learning experiences across different courses

· Problem-based learning, with examples, experiences, case studies, active learning techniques

· Intense participation by practitioners and business organizations

· Emphasis on evidence-based methods and HR metrics

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