Our teaching staff has extensive research and teaching experience, taking part in various national and international research projects. All the classes are taught in interactive manners involving students in debates and applied simulations and exercises. Our emphasis on practical issues and hands-on learning has had positive effects on our graduates’ chances on the job market. Our graduates have excelled in academia, business (market social research), the non-profit sector, and public service.

The MA program in Labour Studies is designed for undergraduate and graduate students interested in analysing labour relations, labour market policies, relations between unions, firms and government, models of social and economic institutions, interest groups, social concertation, recruiting and training of employees, producing predictive analyses and strategies, but also for employees in trade unions, employers’ associations, private companies (human resources and strategic analysis departments), governmental agencies, local institutions, chambers of commerce. The program combines practical training (one mandatory internship in organizations like firms, consulting companies, research institutions, union federations and confederations, or field research under the coordination of a professor in the master’s program), with comparative methodological, theoretical and empirical training.

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